Washing Drying and Combing Tips for your Hair

Posted by admin on Dec 20, 2010

No doubt hair care considered as reflection of your personality. Here we look three basic things for your hair care.

Washing: Your cleansing routine will be determined by your hair type. Few people will need to shampoo their hair on daily basis while others may need to do it other day and some people might need once a week. In cleansing of your hair major thing is water temperature. It must not be too hot or too cold. Always use your finger tips to rinse and avoid using nails. Scrub till the tail end so whole soap is washed out and ultimately maximize your hair shine.

Drying:  Best way is to air-dry your hair. Use of blow dryer with heat damages your hair. It also removes shine and makes your hair rough and lifeless. When you are kind to your hair it turns as best result in shape of fresh and shiny look.

Combing:  To start combing separate your hair into sections and then untangle with wide tooth comb in downwards direction. Never ever pull or yank your hair. Always comb hair when they are dry. Always comb before brushing your hair.

These simple tips definitely give your hair shine and make them look good.


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